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Rink Side Maulers House Youth Hockey League


2014-2015 Fall/Winter Information

Rink Side Maulers House Youth Hockey League (RSMHYL) is a no cut league for boys and girls ages 9 to14 from the Squirt level through the Bantam level that participates in the North Shore Youth Hockey League (NSYHL).  Evaluations will begin in early September and the season normally runs through the beginning of March.  The teams will average 1 practice and 1 game each week.  Each team will have a monthly off-ice conditioning class.  The off-ice sessions are designed to focus on the basic skills a hockey player needs to improve their game. Also new this season, each team will participate in a local tournament. 
Teams play a 21 game schedule (15 league games, 3-4 game local tournament, 3-4 game season ending playoff).

Age Groups and Teams

For the 2014-2015 season, the age levels are as follows:
SQUIRT:                    Born in 2004-2005
PEE WEE:                 Born in 2002-2003
BANTAM:                  Born in 2000-2001
We plan on fielding the following house hockey teams:

  • 2 Squirts
  • 2 Pee Wees
  • 1 Bantam



Registration opens on August 2nd at Family Fest, which will be held at Rink Side.
After August 2nd, Registration can be completed at Rink Side in Guest Services or by calling (847) 856-1064 ext. 502.
Fees and Payment Schedule
The fees for each level for the 2014-2015 Season are listed below. 

Level Fee
Squirt $950
Pee Wee $975
Bantam $1000

Goalie discount: Fulltime Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam goalies with their own equipment will receive $250 off published player fee.  The goalie discounted fee only applies to goalies that do not skate out.
Family Multi-player discount: $50/family multi-player discount
Payments and Additional Handling Fees: Any declined payments or returned checks to Rink Side due to non-sufficient funds will result in a $25 charge for each incident and will be added to the player’s fees.  Failure to comply with the fee agreement will result in an immediate suspension from all Rink Side Maulers Hockey Association privileges and activities. 
Refund Policy: There are NO refunds issued for injuries, suspensions, or withdrawal from the program during the season. 
Included in the fees:

  • One weekly practice
  • End of the season pizza party
  • End of the season participation awards, last year they were team sweatshirts
  • 25% off Maulers skills, laser focus stickhandling and shooting, powerskating classes
  • One Free Public Skate, and stick time pass
  • Free Maulers merchandise (while supplies last)
  • Game Jersey and Socks
  • 15-16 game schedule
  • League Playoffs
  • One Monthly off-ice session
  • NEW THIS YEAR - 1 Local Tournament

Flexible payment plan: 
Flexible payment plan is available (all postdated checks due at time of registration – no exceptions). Make checks out to Rink Side.

Level Due at Registration 2nd Payment
3rd Payment
Final Payment
Squirt $300 $225 $225 $200
Pee Wee $300 $225 $225 $225
Bantam $300 $225 $225 $250


USA Hockey Registration Information

AHAI requires the purchase of your player’s 2013-2014 Season USA Hockey Insurance directly from USA Hockey. All players must bring a printout of their USA Hockey Registration Confirmation (complete with barcode) to evaluations, or submit a copy with their registration. Players will not be allowed on the ice without a current USA Hockey number.

Total fee is $53, of which $40 goes to USA Hockey and $13 to AHAI (Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois). Players age 6 and under are $0, but are required to still register.

Any player residing in Wisconsin will register with USA Hockey for Wisconsin, but will be able to play in Illinois if they choose.

To register go to http://www.usahockeyregistration.com/.


Maulers Evaluations

Evaluations will be held September 13, 14 and 15.  It is not required, but highly recommended that players attend both evaluation dates.  After evaluations players will be “drafted” onto teams.  Skaters are rated based on their ability and teams are selected such that we create team parity at the beginning of the season.  The size and number of teams in each age level will depend on the number of skaters participating each year.  Ideally, each Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam team would consist of 12-16 players. 

Level Date & Time Date & Time
Saturday, September 13, 2014
5:15pm - 6:15pm 
Rink Side
Sunday, September 14, 2014
9:20am - 10:20am
Rink Side
Pee Wee 
Saturday, September 13, 2014
6:25pm - 7:25pm
Rink Side
Sunday, September 14, 2014
10:30am - 11:30am
Rink Side
Saturday, September 13, 2014
7:35pm - 8:35pm
Rink Side
Monday, September 15, 2014
7:55pm - 9:20pm
Rink Side

Date and Times are subject to change



Player Requirements before Entering the Ice for Evaluations:

• All players must complete their registration

• All players must register with USA HOCKEY through the online registration website: http://www.usahockeyregistration.com/

• Registration and fees must be paid by evaluations

• Players must bring a printed copy of their USA Hockey Membership to the first evaluation they attend or submit with their registration.

• Players must visit the check-in table located in the lobby of the ice arena.


Goalies are also expected to attend both evaluation dates. There will be a $250 discount for all Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam goalies that have their own equipment and are full time goalies, they do not skate out.

All skaters that want to give the goalie position a try are encouraged to do so. If a team lacks a dedicated goalie, all skaters will rotate through the position.

A goalie clinic will be offered to all house goalies. The clinic will be run by the Maulers’ goalie coach Mike Kotlar.

There will not be any dedicated goalies at the Mini Maulers and Mite age groups.  If during the course of the season a player takes interest in being the goalie he/she is welcome to play goalie provided no one other player has expressed interest in the goalie position.

Player Uniform

Each player will receive a game jersey and pair of hockey socks.

Jersey sizing and number selection will be available at Family Fest, August 2nd, as well as Evaluations.

There will be an option to purchase warm-up jackets and spirit wear at the beginning of the season, not included in the registration costs.

Required Equipment

All players will be required to provide their own equipment. Properly fitted equipment of good quality is essential to safe and enjoyable participation in hockey.

The equipment needed for all Maulers Hockey programs includes:

• Skates

• HECC approved hockey helmet and face cage

• Shoulder pads

• Elbow pads

• Hockey gloves

• Athletic cup or pelvic protector for girls

• Hockey pants with either belt or suspenders

• Shin guards & straps

• Sock garter

• Mouth guard

• Neck Guard

• Hockey stick

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

For the third year in a row, the Maulers have contracted with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) which is a not-for-profit organization that partners with youth sports associations throughout the country to promote fundamental values that the Maulers believe should be primary objectives in any youth sports organization. Specifically, PCA promotes the development of character and better citizens and using sports to teach life lessons as a primary goal to the secondary goal of the win-loss record.  Therefore, parents, athletes and coaches that have not taken the PCA online course in previous years will be required to complete the corresponding PCA online course by a pre-determined date.

Zero Tolerance

The Maulers have adopted USA Hockey's Zero Tolerance Policy. All players, coaches, and parents are required to not only sign an agreement in which they agree to abide by the policy, each season, but to also serve as living, breathing examples of how we are to conduct ourselves in a way that continues to foster a positive hockey experience for all participants.


All house coaches are members of USA hockey, screened, USA Hockey certified, PCA trained and certified double goal coaches. House League teams are coached by volunteer parents selected by the Hockey Director. Each team usually has a headcoach and two assistant coaches. Coaches usually coach their own child’s team.  Coaches are required to attend coaching clinics that are conducted during the season.  Coaches are expected to give all players equal playing time. At mites there will be no stacking of lines or shortening the bench at the end of the games. Better players will not be short cycled so they get more shifts than weaker skaters.

 Additional Classes

Rink Side offers a variety of skills classes for a player to enroll in for additional ice time.

Each player receives 25% off of all of our learn to play hockey classes.

  • Hockey Skills Clinics
  • Power Skating
  • Stick Handling
  • Shooting